Stop learning, Start doing

Ned D Hanks NH41-300x300-1 Stop learning, Start doing Know when to say “Enough is Enough”

Are you trying to learn everything there is about business you are doing?
This can be overwhelming and time consuming and a waste of time.
You can spend all your time training and learning, but not doing the things that
actually makes money.  You are waiting for when you think you are ready or its perfect.
Often this is just an excuse for not putting yourself ‘out there’.

Just Do It

What are you waiting for?  There is not such thing as perfection or I’m ready
One of the best learning tools is to make mistakes.  The way to make your business better is to make mistakes.  
Try different advertisements, if one doesn’t work, stop using it.  Use social media, Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  

Your world

The people that you are attracting will not see your world with all the mistakes and imperfections.  Remember this “some peoples trash is other peoples treasure”.  


A business that makes mistakes will make money, but a business that does not do anything will not.  

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