Building Your Own Dreams

Do you have dreams, goals? Big ones?

Let's think about that for a moment. How are you going to do these dreams.

Most people work for someone else, building the dreams for them.

So, what are you doing to build your dreams? Do you have have your own business, have a side-hustle, maybe a rich relative that you don't know about?

To get your dreams, you have to make plans, and take action.

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Everyone is here for a particular reason

Many people believe that we are here for a particular reason. Our heart desires to find a particular work or mission.

Others believe that if we are still alive because we are actively searching for this work or mission.

Have you found your mission?

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Vision is not enough

Vision is not enough you must take action.

Let’s say that you have the written and most awesome goals. You have created a vision board, and a goal card. You read your card multiple times a day.

But, if you do not take action you will not achieve anything.

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Are you setting S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Are you setting S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Goal setting is, in my opinion, the most important things you can do for your personal and professional life.  This is not just in your mind, but writing down and placed where the goals can be reviewed every day. How to set goals that I can complete. Continue reading →

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Stop learning, Start doing

Know when to say "Enough is Enough"

Are you trying to learn everything there is about business you are doing?
This can be overwhelming and time consuming and a waste of time.
You can spend all your time training and learning, but not doing the things that
actually makes money.  You are waiting for when you think you are ready or its perfect.
Often this is just an excuse for not putting yourself 'out there'.

Just Do It

What are you waiting for?  There is not such thing as perfection or I'm ready
One of the best learning tools is to make mistakes.  The way to make your business better is to make mistakes.  
Try different advertisements, if one doesn't work, stop using it.  Use social media, Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  

Your world

The people that you are attracting will not see your world with all the mistakes and imperfections.  Remember this "some peoples trash is other peoples treasure".  


A business that makes mistakes will make money, but a business that does not do anything will not.  
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The Most Important Thing

Am I doing the most important thing

What is the most important thing I can do?

One of the things I do every morning is look at my tasks, and say to my self ‘What task can I do to move me towards my goal?’. Then this task is has the highest priority For the day.

This will not work if you do not have definite and specific goals. And, create plans to achieve those goals. A goal with out a plan of action is just a dream.

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